Upcoming AMD Zen 4 Laptop CPUs to Utilize 4nm Process; Zen 5 CPUs Expected to Debut in 2024

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AMD Zen 4 Laptop CPUs

As outlined in their roadmap, AMD plans to introduce the Phoenix Point, the successor to Rembrandt (Ryzen 6000), featuring the advanced Zen 4 core architecture. This chip will be manufactured on TSMC’s cutting-edge 4nm production node. The Zen 4 Phoenix Point mobile processors will showcase AMD’s RDNA 3 integrated graphics and incorporate the powerful Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE) for enhanced performance and efficiency.

AMD Zen 5 CPUs

The notebook roadmap reveals a chip codenamed Strix Point, based on AMD’s Zen 5 architecture, and produced on an undisclosed manufacturing process. Strix Point is expected to incorporate AMD’s undisclosed RDNA 3+ graphics technology, which might be a tweaked version of RDNA 3.

Interestingly, Zen 5-related information also mentions the inclusion of an Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE), a feature commonly found in mobile phones. It appears that AMD might leverage an improved AI Engine, which is set to become available on Zen 4-based CPUs soon. However, AMD has yet to disclose further details about this upcoming product.

As we move forward, more information about AMD’s Phoenix Point, based on Zen 4, is likely to surface, especially considering its predicted delivery date in 2023. As for Strix Point, utilizing the Zen 5 architecture, it is expected to be unveiled sometime next year, although specifics are still forthcoming.