Mastering Windows 10: Essential Keyboard Tricks You’ll Love

Table of Contents

The Emoji Keyboard

Discover Fun Emoji Shortcuts: Unleash Your Favorite Emojis with a Keyboard Trick!

Microsoft shared a helpful tip earlier this year: by simply pressing the Windows key along with the period key, a keyboard featuring a selection of your beloved emojis will appear right before your eyes.

Shortcut: Windows key + period key

Flip The Display

Experience the Display Flip: A Playful Keyboard Trick for Select PCs!

While not applicable to every single PC, this nifty keyboard trick works on enough systems to bring some playful fun. By utilizing the Ctrl, Alt, and arrow keys, you can rotate and flip the display, creating an amusing surprise for your friends or colleagues.

Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + arrow (left and right arrows rotate the screen clockwise and anti-clockwise, while the up and down arrows flip the screen upside-down and back to its original orientation)

High Contrast Mode

Enhance Font Visibility: A Keyboard Shortcut for Enlarging Text and Inverting Colors!

If you desire to increase the size of all your screen fonts, transform the desktop into a black backdrop, and reverse the traditional black text on white background, then this handy keyboard toggle is precisely what you need.

Upon triggering this shortcut, a warning will appear to confirm the action. Using the same shortcut once again will swiftly revert the display back to its normal mode.

Shortcut: Shift + Alt + Print

Lock down

Effortless PC Locking: Swiftly Secure Your Computer with a Two-Key Combo!

In the days of Windows NT4 Workstation and later versions, the renowned three-finger salute, Ctrl-Alt-Del, was commonly employed to access a dialog allowing you to lock your computer. However, now you can achieve the same outcome with a simple two-key combination that instantly locks your PC, offering a convenient solution when you need to step away for a coffee break, a quick rest, or simply to discreetly evade management.

Shortcut: Windows key + L

Screen recording

Unleash Your Screen-Capturing Skills: Capture Videos on Windows with Ease!

While the capability to capture static screen images has long been a feature of Windows (Alt-PrintScreen was a favorite when crafting training manuals), you may not be aware that there is a method for capturing onscreen actions as videos. This convenient functionality proves invaluable when creating swift “How To” videos for your loved ones.

Shortcut: Start recording with Windows key + Alt + G, and stop the recording with Windows key + Alt + R.