Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Table of Contents

The Good

Experience the MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse: A fusion of ergonomic design and sleek aesthetics that exudes coolness. Boasting two scroll wheels and six customizable buttons, along with Logitech Options software, it unlocks limitless productivity shortcuts. The mouse’s sensor effortlessly reads on virtually any surface, providing seamless control. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a great battery life that can be easily charged via micro USB.

The Bad

Upon initial use, the default button settings might appear unconventional, demanding extensive customization or reference to optimize usability. While the side scrolling option is intuitive, certain software might not inherently support it. Unfortunately, scrolling, both ratchet and free modes, seems somewhat imprecise, and attempts to address this in the Logitech Software or OS have been futile. Additionally, the closely positioned side buttons can prove challenging to press comfortably. It’s worth noting that the MSRP is on the higher side, which could be a consideration for potential buyers.


In general, it’s an excellent mouse, but I personally wouldn’t justify paying over $70 CAD for it. As a basic mouse, it performs all the essential tasks with elegance. However, considering its price point, one would expect a hassle-free experience, yet it appears that addressing scrolling and button functionality issues requires some extra effort. If you manage to find it on sale, the added features could make it a worthwhile purchase. However, if you simply need a decent wireless mouse, Amazon offers many more affordable alternatives.