Cloud Stinger – Comfortable Gaming Headsets

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Sound Quality

As soon as I began listening to the Cloud Stinger, I noticed its v-shaped sound signature, which has boosted bass and treble frequencies and a recessed midrange. While some audiophiles dislike this type of tuning for its unrealistic feel, it can be quite enjoyable, especially for gaming. The HyperX Cloud Stinger excels in this regard with its deep, punchy, and powerful bass that doesn’t interfere with the mids. The midrange is relaxed but maintains clarity in vocals. The highs, although slightly sharp, enhance details in games, but sensitive listeners might experience fatigue at higher volumes.

The Stinger is a blast to use for gaming, offering a well-suited soundstage for closed-back headphones, allowing easy sound cue detection in games. The sharpness of the treble contributes to this quality. For its price range, the Cloud Stinger outperforms its competitors and provides a fun and engaging listening experience. Although it may not match the natural sound of more expensive HyperX products like the Cloud II and the Revolver, it remains an excellent choice for gamers and music enthusiasts seeking an affordable option.


Comfort is at its peak, surpassing not just its price range but any price range. The highly adjustable headband offers ample room for even the largest heads, ensuring a snug fit for everyone. With 12 clicks of adjustment on each side, finding the perfect fit is effortless. The plush leatherette-covered pad on the headband adds to the luxurious feel. Equipped with HyperX’s trademark memory foam ear pads, the headset guarantees comfort even during extended wear.

The ear cups are spacious, providing plenty of room inside with decently large openings. Moreover, this headset is the lightest among HyperX’s range. While it offers just the right amount of clamping to remain secure, you won’t experience any long-term wearing fatigue on the top of your head.

In terms of comfort-to-dollar ratio, this audio product stands out as one of the best in the market. The combination of top-tier comfort, adjustable design, and premium materials make it a headset you can wear for hours on end without any issues.


HyperX opted for a conventional and straightforward design for the Cloud Stinger, featuring two ear cups, a headband, and a boom microphone. However, the non-detachable boom microphone makes these headphones less suitable for portable use. The microphone is quite large and may not be the best choice if you prefer a low-profile look in public places.

The ear cups have a slight angled design with the HyperX logo elegantly printed in red on their backs. The same logo also adorns the top of the headband.

The attached rubberized cable is around 4 feet long, differing from the braided cloth used in higher-end HyperX audio products. The box includes a cable extension with a y-splitter, perfect for older-style 2-jack PC connections. The microphone conveniently mutes when flipped up, adding to the headset’s user-friendly design. Additionally, a smooth and well-implemented volume slider is present on the bottom of the right ear cup, ensuring easy volume adjustments without any unevenness.

Regarding microphone quality, it is commendable for its price range, performing at about 90 percent of the Cloud II’s microphone capabilities. The microphone captures voices clearly, albeit with a slight thinness in the bass range. While it works well for game chat and streaming, it may not be ideal for recording production-grade audio.

The Cloud Stinger’s ear cups fold flat, making it convenient for portability, such as when traveling to a friend’s house for gaming sessions, even if it does appear a little unconventional.

In terms of extras, the Cloud Stinger lacks some of the additional features found in other Cloud/Cloud II models, like extra ear pads or a carrying bag or case. However, its affordability makes it a practical choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features.

Build Quality

The Stinger boasts a construction primarily made of durable plastic, providing a decently hefty build. However, the headband and adjustment arms are reinforced with a sturdy strip of stainless steel, adding to its robustness. The headband adjustment clicks feel strong and reliable, leaving a positive impression.

While the ear pads are covered in leatherette that may feel cheaper and rougher compared to the synthetic leather used in other HyperX pads, the foam inside offers excellent comfort. The cable features satisfactory strain relief, ensuring durability.

Overall, the Stinger exudes a solid feel, avoiding the lightweight and cheap sensation often found in budget headsets. Although it might not be expected to last indefinitely, it doesn’t feel overtly cheap. While HyperX’s higher-end models offer more premium materials, the Stinger manages to deliver a satisfying build quality without compromising on value.

Final Thoughts

If you’re content with a v-shaped sound, a non-detachable boom mic and cable, and a simple headphone design, the HyperX Cloud Stinger delivers remarkable comfort and solid performance at just $50. While comparing it to the entirety of HyperX’s lineup might show that the Cloud models or the Revolver offer superior sound, build quality, and more extras, the Stinger shines when compared to other headsets within the $50 price range.

Even owning more expensive and supposedly “better” headsets, I had a tremendous amount of fun using the Stinger over the last few days. Its punchy bass and comfortable fit kept me smiling during extended gaming sessions like Mass Effect Andromeda. HyperX remains committed to providing the best value possible across price brackets, and the Stinger proudly upholds this tradition alongside their other headsets.

If you’re seeking an extremely comfortable, decent-performing headset primarily for gaming at the lowest possible price, the Stinger stands above its competitors and is the ideal choice for you.